Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Visiting Daddy on Father's Day

Woah I am up high!
 Joshua and I took a trip down to the fire station to visit daddy for father's day. We don't get to do this often enough, and Father's day was a great reason to make the trip. Joshua loves to follow Josh around the station and see what everything is all about. He loves to get up in the truck and play with all the stuff.
This is a big seatbelt

Daddy my hero

Trying on Daddy's bunker gear

Lights work!

Hi Mommy

Let's check out some more stuff on this truck

How does this bell work?
Woah this helmet is way too heavy for my head
 Many have asked, after my last post, when Joshua is going to have his eye surgery. The doctor's recommend before he starts kindergarten, but we want to have it done long before that. We are looking at the fall  or winter of this year, whatever works best for our family. We will certainly let everyone know when we decide to have it done. Much love from Team Altman!
I think you have a call!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brown's Syndrome

Joshua had an appointment with the eye doctor today. Myself and his pediatrician had noticed his right eye does not look up quite right, so we decided to get it checked out and see if it was anything. It turns out there is a name for this...Brown's Syndrome. About 1 in every 450 children are born with this and its description is pretty simple. The syndrome was named in 1950 after Harold W. Brown published his findings about an unusual motility disorder of the eye characterized by the following:

"limited elevation in adduction; divergence in straight upgaze (V-pattern);and compensatory chin elevation for binocular fusion."

Ok so here is a quick review from the Biology major...sorry I cant help it =)  Throughout our body we have LOTS of tendons and ligaments. Remember ligaments connect bone to bone, and tendons connect muscle to bone. Tendons work together with muscles and Brown syndrome is caused by a malfunction of the superior oblique tendon which is right behind the eye, causing the eye to have difficulty moving upward, particularly during adduction (when eye turns towards the nose). Basically the tendon is too tight/short so it doesn't allow the eye to move freely up all the way, which is what we see in Joshua's right eye.

Now to the untrained eye you probably would never see the difference, but to the doctor and mommy it is obvious. While it most likely is not causing discomfort or pain, it can cause problems in dexterity and double vision. Think about a lot of common things that require your eyes to look up....

1. playing most sports....dribbling basket ball and shooting
2. sitting in a desk at school and copying down something from the white board
3. driving and looking in your rear view mirror

The good news about this syndrome is it does not get progressively worse, but the bad news is it wont disappear on its own. The only way to fix this is through surgery.  I am told by the doctor it is a quick 30 minute outpatient procedure in which they loosen the tendon by inserting a silicone band in the middle to make it longer. They use dissolving stitches and Joshua is back to 100% after about 4 days. This procedure is the most common and is very effective when performed accurately. As with any surgery there are chances for error, but Dr. Packwood performs about 3 of these every week, so he has lots of experience.

For now, here are some pictures of this happy boy at the park the other day. This is a daily routine, Joshua will now go to the door around 8:30am every morning and know its time to go to the park. But the part where he screams when we leave to walk home....that is another story! 

Tic Tac Toe

I beat you!

This is so easy

Strong boy

Up the slide...

Down the slide

At the top!

I love wood chips

Yes I do!

See you later mom

Can't wait to see what he does with sand this summer at the beach!

Making a special pile of my favorite wood chips