Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

Joshua had so much fun at the baseball game. We took him to the Angel's game Monday night and had awesome seats right behind third base. Some family bought him an Angel's shirt so we of course had to dress him in it...but don't worry he is a Rangers fan at heart. He was amazed by all the lights and sounds...it was so funny to watch his reactions to the game.  Can't wait to take him to a Rangers game when the weather cools off. Here are a few pictures! 
Dinner before the game

Grandpa explaining the game to Joshua
Excited for the game to start!

Joshua wanted his own seat!


Uncle Chris and Joshua

9th Inning! 

Mom and Dad

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello California!

Knott's Berry Farm
This is the longest I have gone without updating the blog...so this one is a big one! Josh and I left for California on the 15th and we arrived here on the 17th. We have been here almost a week and have already taken Joshua several places. The San Diego zoo, the beach, Knott's Berry farm, the park, you name it and we've done it. We are very much enjoying the shift in weather from the humid 100's to the cool breezy 70's.
Welcome to the zoo!

Before we left, Joshua had two appointments. The first appointment was with the cranial technicians to check the progress of his flat spot. They were pleased with the rounding out of his right side, and said it will take a little more time for the back of his head to round out as well. No helmet will be necessary for this little guy.

Joshua's second appointment was with the Gastroenterologist. Last month, Joshua had his procedure done and they concluded the reason for his reflux was that the milk was sitting too long in his stomach before being absorbed. To fix this, they started him on medicine that would help his stomach empty faster, and it has been working great. He gets a small amount of medicine 4 times a day, 1 hour before eating, and it has worked miracles. He very rarely has reflux anymore, and the doctors were so pleased to hear this. He will stay on this medicine for the next three months until his next visit in September. They hope by this time, we can stop the medication for good.

Now for some exciting updates! As of June 14th, Joshua weighed in at exactly 16 pounds. Although he is still below the 25th percentile, he is looking happy and healthy. In addition to milk, he is enjoying carrots, pears, sweet potatoes, and bananas...with pears being his favorite right now. He definitely likes the sweet stuff.  Now that I have the summer off, I have been experimenting in the kitchen pureeing lots of fruits and vegetables for him to try! This month, his favorite play time is in his activity jumper. When he hears music, he goes to town with those little feet! He loves looking in the mirror and staring at his hands and feet. He is so close to sitting up by himself, but still needs some more practice before crawling.

Now that we are here in California, we are looking forward to family and friends finally meeting Joshua this weekend! What a long awaited celebration of this little miracle....we are so thankful for an amazing God.

Four Generations!

Joshua trying to get the map from Grandpa

Grandma's partner in crime

Uncle Chris showing him the animals

Enjoying the water...

Joshua surprised us all and built a sandcastle! 
enjoying the ocean breeze

Time for a bath!
love those feet...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baptism, Swim, and Sweet potatos for a Sweeet baby

 Joshua is 27 weeks today..almost 7 months (5 months gestational). As of yesterday he weighed 14 pounds and 13 ounces and is 24.7 inches long. He is laughing, giggling, smiling, grasping hands, feet , toys and anything he can get in his mouth. He grabs thing with his feet like a monkey and he loves music, bath time, standing up, and napping with his binky. He is really starting to get some brown hair and his eyes are bright blue.

Does this look like the face of a hungry baby? Tonight was Joshua's first experience with sweet potatoes and he loved them! He is starting to be so expressive and show his personality, we love it! Bananas and sweet potatoes are the only thing on the menu for now....apples were too tart for this little guy.

 On memorial day we had our first swim! Joshua was very curious at first, and enjoyed it for the first 15 minutes. Then he realized his diaper was all wet, and this boy does not like to be in a wet diaper. He relaxed in the shade while the rest of the family enjoyed the pool!

Some very exciting news...this past Sunday Joshua was baptized at the church where Josh and I wed. The same reverend that married us, also baptized Joshua. Joshua wore an outfit that was made by a family friend, thank you Rosemary! Family and friends were there to witness the special event, and what a blessed day it was. God is great!

As far as health, Joshua is doing fantastic. He has been on medication that helps to empty his stomach quicker, and we have seen an improvement with his reflux. He doesn't seem to have as much reflux and when he does have it, it doesn't seem to burn his throat as much. We have another appointment in June to check this progress with the gastroenterologist. Next week, we have a second evaluation for Joshua's flat spot. We have seen a dramatic difference with the physical therapy and tummy time. His last measurement was taken about 3 months ago, so we just want to be sure the measurements confirm what we see. All is great in the Altman home, thank you for keeping Joshua in your prayers.

Only 2 more days of school....cannot wait!!  Mommy and Joshua are going to have so much fun over the summer.  Much love from Team Altman!