Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blue Bonnets!

Back to my blog...yes I am still blogging! Here are a few pictures we took Easter weekend, Joshua wasn't too sure about sitting down in the flowers, but as always he did great for the pictures! He is almost walking, he stands on his own, but falls when he takes the first step. But oh does he manage to get into everything....even without the walking! 

Oh mommy not another picture!
Team Altman
Nana and Pops
Grandma and Grandpa

Joshua is really starting to say words and copy sounds that we make. He of course says mama and dada, but is also saying book and ball, and is working on lots more! He is going to speech therapy once every two weeks now because he is doing so well. Mostly he gets to play on the indoor slide and the ball pit...I know its hard therapy!

Here are some pictures from earlier today. He loves to find his puppy's nose...or any nose actually. He will come right up to your face and point to your nose or most of the time in your nose =) I love to see him give his puppy hugs when you ask him, melts my heart.
We are in a stage of not wanting to put our diaper back on!!

Where are puppy's eyes?

Where is puppy's nose?