Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Bye Baby Curls!

Today Joshua had his first hair cut. It needed to be done because the baby curls were getting so tangled, and he really enjoyed it! Everyone was so impressed with how much he liked getting his hair brushed, plus the fire truck and sucker weren't a bad idea either. Here are some photos.....

Joshua do you want to go get a hair cut?!!

Im excited!

You can have a sucker!

Mom I like this ride...

Getting ready

Im driving now!

Wait one you know how much to take?!

I like wet hair!

This is pretty fun!

All finished!

Yummy sucker!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just a Reminder....

This picture illustrates how blessed we are and how amazing it is to see Joshua grow! God is great!

This diaper was actually too big for Joshua when he was born, we had to fold the diaper down about two times just so it didn't cover his belly button. This is smaller than a preemie diaper, I don't even know where you would get these other than the hospital. The best way to describe it - The first diaper can fit in the palm of my hand.

This next diaper is size 4 - Joshua weighs about 25 pounds now, and soon enough this size will be too small. This diaper looks huge compared to the other, but really its not even big!

Who ever thought diapers could make me feel so blessed? Much love from Team Altman!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Joshua and Baby #2

 Just a couple recent pictures of Joshua playing in the front yard! Baby #2 is doing great....17 weeks!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Yesterday morning Joshua had his cardiologist appointment. After his 30 minute echo, I thought for sure the nurse had captured really good photos of his heart because he was such a good boy and laid so still. They basically perform a sonogram of his heart, and roll the device all over his chest. He actually didn't mind this part, he thought the gel was cold and kind of funny. The nurse that was performing the test was great, she sang to him the whole time and he just watched her and listened quietly. After the test, the doctor came in and told us unfortunately she still didn't have a definite answer for us, but she was more convinced it was nothing serious. He still has a very slight murmur when she listens to his heart with the stethoscope, but unfortunately the pictures aren't 100% telling of what is causing it. She said the murmur was even more slight this time than 6 months ago, so she really thinks its nothing abnormal. His heart shape is most likely causing the little murmur doctors hear, so its probably a benign murmur.

The pediatric cardiologist knows the doctor who will be performing Joshua's eye surgery, so she suggested  during his eye surgery, while he is sedated we can also perform another echo and try for clearer pictures while he is sleeping. We agreed that was the best idea, so we are planning on scheduling Joshua's eye surgery in the next month or so and getting both things out of the way. So for now all good news, and here are a few photos from his EKG.

12 Lead EKG - Joshua did not like this part

Daddy telling me its ok
Playing with the doctors chair and eating my sucker!