Sunday, October 7, 2012

2 Year NICU Reunion

We had our first NICU reunion yesterday afternoon. It was at the hospital right accross from the NICU which was a bit surreal. I had not been to the NICU since last Christmas and seeing those very familiar doors made me a little teary eyed. Joshua and probably about 50 other families joined in on the fun. The party was circus themed, so there were lots of carnival games for the kids to play, all sorts of foods and candy, and lots of excitement! I was most excited to see the doctors and nurses that had cared for Joshua during his stay, and their reactions to how big he is now was priceless. Looking around, you would have never guessed all the children there were at some point in the NICU. We recognized some of the babies that were next to us in the NICU, caught up with families we had befriended and reminisced about the "NICU days." The best part about the party, was being able to take Joshua home afterwards. It was a good feeling walking past the NICU doors with Joshua in my arms.

Here are some pictures from the reunion...
On our way up to the circus!

Mommy where are we?

The NICU is where the little babies sleep

Welcome to the Circus


I like this ring

Joshua fishing for some candy

He caught a big ring pop!

Bobbing for duckies

We were here a while....splashing is the best game

Knocking over the cans

He didn't want to throw it, he kept handing it nicely

Snack break

Bean Bag toss

They let them start pretty close haha

Hey where did it go?

The BEST Neonatologist, Dr. Foster!
 I can't say enough about how amazing Dr. Foster is! She has such a kind heart and loves what she does, and she was Joshua's angel in the NICU. It was such a pleasure to see her and thank her again for all she does.

Going Home feels good