Monday, August 22, 2011

Joshua learns to play the piano...

Joshua relaxed during his lesson...

Joshua and Aunt Kimmy
Aunt kimmy taught Joshua to play the piano before she left back for college. Maybe he will be another Mozart! Joshua misses you already Kimmy!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Folding Laundry = Fun

Who knew laundry could be so comical? In this video, aunt Kimmy is folding her laundry from the dryer, and every time she fluffs a shirt, Joshua can't help but laugh.
Playing in his crib

These pjs are so random...dinosaurs with helmets on bicycles!

Kimberly and I had some fun one night and decided to try out the foot and wrist rattles. Im not sure if he liked it, or was annoyed by them, but the video is pretty funny for a different reason. Joshua is sitting up by himself, however, he has a tendency to just all of the sudden straighten his back and fall straight back. Therefore, we started putting a wedge pillow behind him so he would at least have a soft landing. This video captures it perfectly.

As of this past week, Joshua weighed in at 19 lbs 1 oz and was 28 inches long. He is above the 25% in both categories for 9 months! He is talking a lot, laughing a lot, eating a lot, and still working on crawling...this boy does not like to be on his tummy! He goes to physical therapy once every two weeks now, just to keep working on his fine motor skills. We go to the gastroenterologist in a couple weeks, hopefully  he will get to stop his reflux medication, or lessen the dose. Mommy starts school this Tuesday!

Much love from Team Altman

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 9 Months!

 Joshua is 9 months old today! Last week he weighed in at 18lbs 3.6 oz and was 27.2 inches long. For his adjusted age he is well above the 50 percentile. He has really been going through a growth spurt, and therefore has been taking lots of long naps.  Aside from the naps, Joshua has still been keeping us busy. He loves to play with anyone who will sit down and entertain him. He loves to be tickled and he loves playing peek-a-boo. He enjoys his long afternoon nap (as does mommy) and looks forward to his warm bath and bottle at night. He is becoming more interested in reading books...well we read him and he eats them. He still loves his basic entertainment...his feet, hands and looking out the window. 
 We are still working on tummy time and crawling. He is getting closer, but is taking his time. Joshua has always gone at his own pace, so we will continue to let him develop on his own time. His bottom middle teeth are on the brink, and have been, for some time now. They are so close to coming in, and poor little guy is biting anything and everything to ease the pressure. Frozen wet wash clothes are his favorite remedy for teething, along with cold pacifiers and of course fingers. All ten fingers sometimes! We will all be glad when these teeth come in.
This is an easy pose to catch on camera these days

Summer is coming to an end, and I am getting ready to start the school year again. The fantastic thing about this year is that I only have to work every other day! I knew I didn't want to go back full time to teach, so the administrators at my school worked it out so I teach every other day. Every weekend will be a 3 day weekend!! I am very much looking forward to spending more time with Joshua during the school year.

We have a follow up appointment with the gastroenterologist next month, and Joshua's progress is excellent. He has not had any reflux issues since he has been on the medication, so hopefully we will be able to stop the medication at the next appointment and still have little or no reflux. Nine month vaccinations are in a couple days....

Lots of love from Team Altman!