Tuesday, July 31, 2012


When its too hot, and I mean 106 degrees or more, you have to be creative with games inside the house. So here is one of Joshua's favorites! Oh the funny things kids think of...this was all Joshua's idea by the way and he could really do this all day long. We also like to make funny faces in front of the mirror...

 Ill be posting again on Thursday to update about Joshua's cardiology appointment results. We had an appointment 6 months ago, but the results were inconclusive about the significance of his murmur. Now that he is a little older he can stay still while they are examining him so they can get really good clear pictures of his heart. Best news would be the murmur is non specific and he doesn't need any surgery!

Update on baby number 2 - I am almost 16 weeks and baby is doing great. He or she (we aren't finding out the sex!) is measuring ahead of schedule and my blood pressure was perfect on my last visit. Let's hope it stays this way for the next several months, and this baby actually arrives sometime in January!

Much love from Team Altman!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is the third and final post of our vacation. We finally made it to our final destination.... California. We arrived last week and it seems too fast to be returning home tomorrow. We had such a great time visiting with friends and family, here are the highlights...
Joshua met his buddy Anthony

Hiking to the Hollywood sign

Following the leader

Half way there

This way everyone

Joshua started to get tired...

Visiting the best aquarium of the pacific

We were there for hours and couldn't finish half of  the exhibits
Taking a ride on the train at the Irvine spectrum
 We spent the afternoon at the beach and Joshua had a great time of course. He is definitely over his fear of large bodies of water. Can't wait to see how he does in the pool back home. There is nothing like the smell of the beach, definitely one thing I miss in Texas. Here is a video...

Playing with my bucket

I love the water!

Beach bum

Beautiful beach

Grandma and Grandpa


The two hikers...
I am so ticklish!

Misty showing Joshua around the backyard
Going out to San Juan Capistrano tonight for dinner with the family, then off to the airport tomorrow. Good-bye California, hello hot humid Texas...but its home =)

Laughlin, NV

Great Grandpa Chuck
 We made a quick stop in Laughlin for a few days before heading to California. Glad we were able to see more great grandparents, play in the river, and gamble a bit! Here are some of the highlights...
Having fun at the river

Enjoying some shade

Joshua is ready for a ride

He loves the water!

I dont want to get out!

mmmmm ice water

Ski Ball

Great Grandma Patti

Ready for California
Now we are off to California for the last week of our vacation! Why do vacations seem to go so fast?

Enjoying the Arizona Landscape

Our vacation starts in Arizona. This is the first of three posts of our trip, so stay tuned for more! The main reason for everyone getting together here was for my grandmother's 70th birthday. Sedona was one destination for our trip, also known as "Red Rock Country" for its red rock monoliths all throughout the landscape. Here are some pictures from our trip...
The girls

The weather in Sedona was hot hot hot, about 100 degrees while we were there, but that didn't seem to bother Joshua. While most took a nap one afternoon, Joshua was playing outside!
No matter how hot, we love to play outside!

Are you tired yet?

We all took a pink jeep tour, which was an off rode tour that took us through the canyons and to the top of the monolith. The ride was pretty bumpy and wild, and Joshua thought it was the funnest thing!
The pink Jeep Tour

Im the Sheriff
In the carseat enjoying the ride on the way up!
The Altmans
Chris and I

Out for a nap on the ride back down!

We left Sedona and headed to Prescott Arizona.  unless you have been there you probably haven't heard of it. The town’s mile-high location in the Grand Canyon State’s central highlands brings four mild seasons, an average annual daytime temperature of about seventy degrees, and over 300 days of sunshine. Doesn't sound like Arizona right?

My parents vacation home there has become a nice place to visit during the winter for skiing and during the summer for escaping the blistering heat of Texas. Joshua loves being there. The landscape is quite different from Texas with lots of canyons, desert wildlife and a quiet small town feel. The house has a balcony where Joshua spent most of his time during the morning and evening. Dont think he is scared of heights! 

I love this view!

Happy 4th of July!

Four generations

So ticklish
Prescott Arizona has the world's longest going rodeo, established in 1888. Its a fun tradition we started last summer, and this summer Joshua was old enough to enjoy it! 
Uncle Chris

Great Grandparents

Joshua and Great Grandpa Elton
Just vacuuming...
Now we are on our way to Laughlin and California! More posts to come soon!