Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Weather and Pumpkin Crumb Cakes

After weeks of triple degree weather, I think summer is finally over and today we welcomed some much needed cooler weather. The highs have been around 70 degrees and today we had some nice light rain. It was sooo nice, so I took advantage of the weather and decided to bake some fall treats. First on my list, thanks to Pinterest, delicious pumpkin crumble cake.

Josh took Joshua out to play in the rain, and when he got back he was soaked! He worked up quite an appetite, and lets just say he loved his fall treats!

I had some extra batter left over, so I decided to make some mini pumpkin cakes for Joshua to snack on as a treat!

Mommy those look really good

Joshua, did you ask if you could have one?

Mommy can I have one?

Ill help myself

Thats amazing!

I turned my back and he grabbed another....

Trying to hurry and hide the evidence

What cake?

Joshua sharing another with mommy

Baby says thank you Pinterest for the delicious recipe!

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