Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Joshua & October Catch Up

Well the month of October was crammed with anything and everything, so I have lots to blog about and little time to write it all! Here goes....

October 10th: Joshua had his eye surgery to loosen the muscle that allows his right eye to rotate more freely. It went well, it took about 2 hours total and when he woke up he was very much ready to get home. He recovered very quickly, by the next day he was almost 100% playing with his toys, eating a lot, and getting lots of love from mommy and daddy. The success of the eye surgery is not evident yet and could take up to a year to see the results.

While he was under, the cardiologist wanted us to get a echocardiogram of Joshua's heart so she could better understand the reason he has a heart murmur. Unfortunately the results were ones we did not want to hear. It seems there is a membrane growing inside Joshua's heart that should not be there. Right now the membrane is not causing a problem, but eventually as it grows it can and will obstruct the flow of blood. The only way to fix this, is open heart surgery. Those three words scared me a lot for the weeks following, but Josh and I have talked about it and feel that we can handle it. The timeline for this is unclear, because we don't know when the membrane will become big enough to cause problems, so it could be a few years or several years. A good estimate is by the time he is 5 it might be time, but the doctor didn't want us to hold her to that. So for the time being, we are not focusing on that and just enjoying watching our little guy grow.

First thing in the morning trying to take his mind off eating breakfast

Getting our stats before heading back

Putting on our special gown

Lots of anklets and bracelets for Joshua

Now for some better news:

October 27th: Joshua's 2nd Birthday Party!

With the pregnancy, I decided having Joshua's birthday party earlier rather than later was the best idea, so this year we decided to have a Halloween birthday party. All of Joshua's buddies came over dressed in their Halloween costumes, it was great! Joshua was a dinosaur and some other costumes included a cow, princess, peacock, another dinosaur, and astronaut. The kids decorated pumpkin cookies, played games and ate lots of candy from the pinata. It was fun and 2 hours for a toddler party is just the right amount of time =)
Minnie Mouse with the birthday boy
Cookie Monster Cake for Joshua
The sweetest dinosaur
Dinosaur and Peacock
Joshua's best bud the cow
The cow's sister...newborn bunny!

The astronaut
The younger dinosaur of the group
Pinata Fun
Princess decorating cookies
Dinosaurs love cookies
Opening presents is exhausting

Batman (aunt Kimmy) chasing Joshua

Grandma and Grandpa with Joshua

This dinosaur was not happy with all the pictures

 October 31st: Happy Halloween

Joshua had his first Trick or Treating experience. He actually really liked it and didn't want to go home. His favorite part wasn't the candy, but ringing the door bells at every house. What a silly boy!

Ready to go!

Trick or Treat!

Baby Number #2 Update:

Baby 2 is doing great, and mama is doing great! No problems here. Baby is growing perfectly, blood pressure has been normal, and the arrival date is officially scheduled for January 15th.....unless he or she naturally decides to come earlier. If the baby does stay put until the 15th, Grandpa Berry and the baby will have the same birthday, so that would be pretty neat. I am almost 30 weeks, so 9 more to go at the most!

28 Weeks

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